First For Women Life Insurance

First For Women should give you the confidence to say “I am covered, my family is covered.” They look after you as a woman, knowing that you are more responsible and emotionally driven than men. It is a fact that men are more willing to take greater risks than women. So, you should be able to pay less for life cover than a man.

Life insurance is a gift you can give to your spouse or children in case something is to happen to you. It will take care of them financially to get by or follow dreams.

Benefits of getting a plan from First For Women:

  • Telephone application
  • You can get up to R10 million for a cheap rate
  • The cover does not expire
  • Add up to 10 beneficiaries
  • Suicide coverage after two years
  • Add dread disease and disability cover that won’t affect your payout amount
  • If you are diagnosed with a critical illness and less than a year to live, your claim will be payout while you are alive
  • Add a spouse, child or family member without any paperwork or hassleIt is a company for any woman to look at!