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HIV Life Insurance

  • If you are tested positive for HIV, this should not get you down. There are various programs to follow, that will give you a long and happy life. It is not easy to find life insurance for people living with HIV, but it is not impossible to find a company that will provide you with the best policy.

    One company that specializes in a comprehensive plan since 2005 is All Life.

    They will provide you with the cover when your CD4+ levels show significant improvement with their strict Adherence Program that you will need to follow. You will have to agree to do tests every six months, and you will have to follow the program they provide you. It will help you improve your health and CD4+ count, as well as give you a long life with the people you love.

    When your application is approved there will be no waiting period; you will be covered with approval. In the case of death due to health issues or accident, the policy will pay out immediately (after all the right documentation is received).

    There is no fine print with life cover for infected patients, which means no forms and no waiting period. It is a just straightforward cover that will take care of your family.

    Their policies are readily available and affordable, even though you are a high-risk client. You should take note that once you are approved for the Adherence Program and life plan, you should follow the rules strictly. If you do not follow the program and your CD4+ levels do not improve, you will get a warning. Remember, the company can terminate your policy if they wish to do so. So, apply for a plan, follow the rules of the program and know you will live a long happy life.

    You can get cover for your loved ones here today!

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