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Life And Disability Insurance

  • Do you have disability insurance?

    In case your answer is no, take time and think about the following: “Will you and your family survive without your monthly income?”. No person on earth even considers the fact that in a blink of an eye they will not be able to work or provide an income for their loved ones due to the unfortunate event of disability. Be at rest and let us help you find the company to provide you with disability life insurance. We will help you find a company that will provide you with affordable rate, flexibility to add benefits and to provides you with dependable quality service.

    What are the advantages of having this cover?

    First of all, you will be able to maintain your regular lifestyle and provide the daily needs. You will be able to adjust your home to suit the needs of the disabled loved one. You will be covered in case of any disabilities that will leave you work-less, you will be included in the loss of limbs or conditions that will not able you to provide for your family.

    An additional benefit to your coverage can be the cash back plan. Most life insurance companies have this option that you can add, but each firm has their terms and conditions. When you receive various information about different offers and quotes, do ask about the cashback plans as well.

    How does disability cover work?

    You will make your monthly installment until the unfortunate event of disability or until the age of retirement (depending on the agreement). You will then receive a once off payment.

    The two main factors of the policy agreement and premium will depend on your age and risk profile.

    You will have to undergo a medical examination at most firms to apply for life and disability insurance, but some companies have offers with no medical tests. The option with no medical examination will cost you more, but this is a choice that you will have to make.

    Do you think this policy is necessary?

    For most people working in a safe environment like an office, they will not see this cover as necessary. Although knowing that most disabilities are due to accidents or sickness, this might let one think twice. Disability and life insurance is essential and will take care of you and your family, it will make sure that your loved ones do not have to struggle and will put your mind to peace knowing that even though, you cannot provide any more, you made the necessary precautions to make sure that your family is taken care off. So, make the right choice today and get various quotes and offer with us.