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1Life Life Insurance

  • If you are the breadwinner of your household, then you know financial protection must be a priority for your family. Getting 1Life insurance is the right decision; it will help your family when you are no longer able to provide for them. They can use the money from the life insurance for basically anything (living expenses to the mortgage).

    Do I have to undergo a medical examination to get 1Life insurance? No. All that 1Life requires is an HIV test, which can be done at Dischem Pharmacy Clinics.
    Are there annual increases on the fixed premium? Yes, with a rise of 5% of your monthly premium. But, with 1Life, there are no yearly increases for the first 24 months of cover.

    Can I increase the cover amount? Yes, you can do it on each anniversary of your policy, or when you get married or have a baby.

    What is the waiting period of 1Life insurance? You will be immediately covered for natural causes of death or accidents. There is a waiting period of 24 months on suicide.

    You can choose if you want disability and dread disease cover with your life insurance. If so, your premium will also be higher, but for the first few months, you will not pay for it as stated on the coverage you choose. You will start paying the increase as scheduled on your policy.

    If you have life cover with another insurance provider that was taken out within the last 24 months, you can upgrade with 1Life and get additional coverage up to R3 million on the existing policy. No medical examination nor HIV test has to be done. What makes it even better is that it applies to dread disease and disability insurance as well. Take note that terms and conditions apply.

    Advantages of taking life insurance with 1Life:

    They do an analysis of what you need and create a policy that meets your needs and budget. In other words, your quote will be based on all your specific risks, and a profile will be created. And you can get 1Life insurance from 18 to the age of 64.

    You get an R50 000 additional benefit that pays out within 24 hours (if an application is successful) to cover your funeral or other expenses.

    You also receive a memorial benefit that includes R5 000 that you can buy a headstone with on the anniversary of the successful claim.

    You will also receive a chronic illness benefits that will pay out your entire amount of cover when diagnosed with chronic sickness and your life expectancy is no longer than one year.

    Then you also receive on the 1Life Pure Life Cover policy the benefit of Expo-Sure. It will give you access to confidential HIV tests and treatment when you were exposed to HIV (only within the first 72 hours of exposure).

    There are a variety of companies out their like Budget, but 1Life is undoubtedly a provider to consider.


    **1Life Insurance Limited is an authorized insurer and financial services provider (FSP 24769)