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All Life Insurance

  • All Life cover specialize in giving a plan to people with diabetes or tested positive for HIV. Many companies do not want to take on the risk of including you, but All life feel that people should have the chance just like all others to get protected.

    There is though steps that will be taken for you to get covered, but it is good for your health and your family. People with either one of this health issues will be examined to determine the severity of your case. Then, they will put you on a treatment plan, and you will have to follow it with great discipline.

    You will be tested every six months to get an idea if your health is improving and you keep the program. If they see that you fail to follow the rules you will get a warning, afterward, if you still fail to follow the plan, All life will terminate your policy.

    If your health improves, you can be sure that this company will have your back.

    Benefits are that there is no waiting period, no application forms, no fine print and they will help you with your health.

    Just how great is this!!!