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Budget Life Insurance

  • Budget insurance provider knows that unexpected turns in life can happen at any given moment. Still, you can plan for certain things like the financial security of you and your family. Budget also has formed a partnership with 1Life and now offer individuals two primary life insurance options.

    Death knocks on doors of all ages, so do not think that your young and healthy that nothing can happen. Look at it this way, and if you get life insurance now, your premium will be lower. The reason is that age, gender, health, occupation, and lifestyle play a role in calculating a quote for you.

    You should live your life knowing that you are covered, so whatever happens, you can have peace of mind knowing you and your loved ones will get through it. It does not matter whether it is a disability, dread disease, or death that comes knocking. With an Elevated Life Insurance quote from Budget you can have peace of mind knowing that you planned.

    With Elevated Life Cover, you can choose coverage between R200 000 and R10 million. Your beneficiaries will receive the cover amount that you purchased in case of death. Your recipients will also receive R50 000 within the first two days of submitting a successful claim that can be used for funeral arrangements. Even the policyholder can benefit from Elevated Life Insurance with Budget, if you are diagnosed with a dread disease and have less than twelve months to live. It will pay out your entire life cover amount with no exceptions.

    What are the benefits of Budget Elevated Life Insurance?

    Guaranteed Assurability – you can increase your cover amount when there are life changes like a spouse or new baby.

    Expo-Sure – If you are exposed with HIV and seeking confidential HIV testing, treatment, and counseling, you can contact your Budget Life Insurance.

    Waiting periods – Immediate cover for accidental deaths or deaths due to natural circumstances. You are not immediately cover for suicide; there is a two year waiting period.

    If diagnosed with a terminal disease like cancer, a specific amount of your life insurance will be paid to you (depending on your cover amount, anything between R50 000 and R4 million).

    They have two types of disability insurance, event-based, and occupational disability. In the event of an accident and the severity of the disability, a percentage of your cover amount will be paid to you. If a disability result in you can no longer do that is required within your occupation, a certain amount of your cover will also be paid to you.

    However, you can add dread disease and disability insurance to your life cover as additional cover. Budget life plan should be considered when looking at getting life cover.