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FNB Life Insurance

  • FNB is well aware that every person or family is different, that is why they cater for each person/family’s requirements, stages of life and offer different quotes and advantages. They offer you three types of life cover:

    • Regular insurance (if you or a loved one die)
      This cover is anything between R200 000 – R10 million, and it gets divided into two categories. The first is Life Simplified and it is easy pay out up to R1 million. The second is Life Customized that works with cover over R1 million.
    • Critical illness (cancer)
      This cover is anything between R200 000 – R5 million and will provide you with the finances if you are diagnosed with any terminal illness or dread disease like cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons, heart attacks and many more.
      They also have a Waiver benefit that you can look at on their site.
    • Disability cover (due to accidents)
      This also gets divided into two categories namely, Comprehensive Disability and Activities of Daily Life. The comprehensive cover will pay out if you are permanently disable and unable work or take care of yourself.

    This company is certainly something to keep in mind, although there are a lot of other firms to compare it to. Visit the home page for more info!