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Frank Life Insurance

  • Frank will take care of your family the day you die; it sounds worse than it is. Nobody can predict their death, but anyone can be prepared for it financially.

    Up to R10 million cover that’s tax-free

    You can add any amount of beneficiaries as you wish

    No application hassle or full medicals

    Policy without any clause

    Your premium will be determined by a few things like age, gender, habits like smoking or drinking, education, health, income and so much more. Every policy is tailor-made to suit your monthly budget.

    You should be honest with everything they require from you because they can terminate a plan if they find anything that does not add up to your details.

    You will have to go for an HIV test because this will have an effect on your cover. Do not worry, this is confidential information, and they will handle it with great care.

    All you will have to do is keep your profile up to date and make sure your info is correct!