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Hollard Life Insurance

  • Hollard will make sure that your tomorrow is insured, so get quotes here today! Your beneficiary can use the money as they please for example food, education, mortgage and more.

    Hollard will give you coverage up to R1 200 000 without any medical examinations. Applications are simple, and you can get in touch with a broker here.

    Benefits include the following:

    • After five years you will receive 20% money back.
    • Funeral cover of R30 000 for you and your spouse without any extra costs (R10 000 for up to four kids).
    • You will receive up to 30% extra on your cover amount if you have done an HIV test within the last year and the results are negative.
    • You can add disability or dread disease benefits with an additional fee, and it is worth it.Hollard is a favorite company in South Africa, and you will not regret getting insured with them!