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Liberty Life Insurance


    Liberty knows that your family is important to you and you will do anything to protect them. One way to do that is to secure their financial future. They have different options to look at, and you can choose the ones that will suit your family’s needs.

    Options to consider is the following:

    Life Cover

    Insurance for your family in case you should die an accidental or natural death.

    Accident cover

    It is a policy that will pay out if you are in an accident on any South African public road. You can use this for medical bills.

    Critical Illness Insurance

    This policy pays out in the case of any critical illness (include unknown or rare diseases) or traumatic event you experience.

    Disability Cover

    It is a plan that you take out that will pay out a lump sum to you or your family in case you get disabled due to an accident or illness.

    Income Coverage

    It is a plan that will supply your monthly income in case you are unable to work or retrenched.