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Metropolitan Life Insurance

  • Metropolitan understands if you have loved ones depending on you for money, they know what a hassle it can be if you want to get life insurance to take care of them the day you are gone. Do not think for one moment that they will forget what you have done for them if you leave them with proper cover. They will be able to use this financial plan to settle costs of basic needs, education, debt or even take a holiday after the loss of a beloved.

    Benefits of getting a cover with Metropolitan is the following:

    • You will be protected against natural or accidental death.
    • You do not have to undergo medical tests.
    • You will be covered for accidental death the day your policy is signed, even before you make your first payment.
    • You will receive up to 50% of your insurance policy when you are diagnosed with a critical illness.
    • If you choose the cash back benefit, you will receive 10% of all you payments after five years.
    • You can increase you policy amount to keep up with inflation.
    • Monthly payments start from R150 a month and cover from R150 000 – R1 500 000.

    It is one place that you do not want to miss out on.


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