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Sanlam Life Insurance

  • Sanlam knows how families struggle after one of the income providers is suddenly unable to work or pass away. It is why you need to make sure that if the time comes, your family do not have that same problem. Sanlam can help you plan for the future if you let them.

    Every aspect of life is important, and this is why life cover offers you the chance to give yourself and your loved ones the means to enjoy or take part in significant events. Sanlam helps you to get the right amount of cover, give the money to the person you’re assigned it to and give you peace of mind.

    There are different offers available like general life plan that will pay out in the case of death. There is dread disease life insurance that will pay out when diagnosed with a critical illness. Lastly, there are disability coverage that will pay out if you are permanently disabled and not able to work.

    There are various benefits when choosing this company or stay here for more.