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Standard Bank Life Insurance

  • With Standard Bank, you can get R1 million cover for R128/month (keep in mind the price will change depending or risk factors).

    They have various plans to look at:

    Standard life insurance in case you are a loved one die, there will be finances to take care of your dependents.

    They have a salary benefit plan that will provide your salary if you are unable to work due to illness or injury.

    Disability cover in case you are permanently disabled and cannot work or provide for yourself or family.

    Lastly, they offer you a Serious Illness plan that will give you finances when you are diagnosed with a terminal or critical illness like cancer or any dread disease.

    They know how important it is to have a life plan available for yourself and your family, this is why you can trust their premiums and benefits. So do the right thing and get the policy you need.